Market information

We supply current market information about the export of flowers and plants from the Netherlands as well as all worldwide import streams. 

This information is available through our portal and can also be accessed using web services. Participants get insight into the market and their own figures in one place, for easy benchmarking with the sector.

Export Figures

Floridata publishes export figures every month for the top 30 export countries. Participants can access the detailed figures in the portal. Aside from industry figures, the dashboard also shows the export figures for the participant, which allows for benchmarking with the sector. The sales are split into different customer types (supermarket, florist, importing wholesale, etc.), destination countries and product categories (cut flowers or potted and garden plants) for each top 30 country.

The following countries belong to the top 30:
Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Denmark, Czech Republic, United States of America, Spain, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, China, Croatia.

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Import module

About 1 billion euros in foreign flowers, plants and cut foliage are imported every year. Floridata gives insight into all the import streams per country as well as changes relative to the previous year.

Insight is provided into the history, current information and the most important cost drivers such as the exchange rate, oil price and import duties per country. Alternatives to import duties are also shown for each continent and product. Exchange rate fluctuations and the oil price trends are also updated on a monthly basis. Finally, a top 10 for import countries has also been added to the module.

Market reports

Every year Floridata produces several market reports. The reports are provided in the Floridata portal for the participants. Also, our partners the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products and Flower Council Holland have (only internally) access to the reports, with the purpose to stimulate trade. The following market reports are updated on a yearly basis:

  • Market report Germany, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland (update every fall – ENGLISH)
  • Market report The Netherlands (update every spring – DUTCH)
  • Floridata Bollenrapport: Development Dutch export position (update every fall – DUTCH)
  • Annual report; most important developments of the top 20 exporting countries (update spring – DUTCH)


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