About Floridata

This is us:

  • Reliable partner
  • Foundation, profit is not our objective
  • Passion for the sector
  • Confidential operation with data
  • Solid range of services
  • Our participants come first
  • Small and flexible team (3,8 FTE)
  • Independent and facilitating roll within the sector

Our Mission:

Together strong by sharing data.

Our Vision:

Gather optimal insights from data from and for all chain parties in the floriculture sector.

Manager Wesley van den Berg;

“When you share data and pay a contribution fee, you receive insights in return. This is the basis of Floridata.”
  • It is mandatory to supply debtor information and export data.
    De aanlevering van inkoopdata (t.b.v. de Sustainable Sourcing Scan) is optioneel.
  • All data is made available securely and irreducibly through the Floridata portal
    and is accessible for Floridata participants only.
Current exceptions, where non-participants are receive insights from Floridata.
  • The auctions provide monthly export figures to Floridata. This data is processed to generate export statistics. In return, they receive the top 16 export figures by mail, for internal use only. They do not have permission to use these figures for their commercial services. The auctions are not Floridata participants and therefore do not have access to the Floridata portal and services.
    (Interest to the participant: enrichment of market information).
  • Bloemenbureau Holland has access to market information Market information page and country pages). There is a charge for this.
    (Importance to participant: this information helps Bloemenbureau Holland properly match promotional funds to export countries and thus deploy them effectively. )
  • The VGB in cooperation with Floridata, publishes a press release at least quarterly or FloraFlits video about export developments in the floriculture sector. In this coverage, some figures are highlighted and key export developments are explained. In doing so, as few market figures as possible are shared. This is to prevent 'free riders' in the sector from profiting from market insights without sharing data.
    (Importance to participant: increase visibility/awareness of Floridata and The Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products .

    Manager Wesley van den Berg: "We weight these kinds of decisions carefully. The interests of our participants always come first. If you have any questions about this as a participant, we'd love to hear from you!"


Floridata offers her participants the following three core services:

All insights within these services are made possible by the participants themselves. These insights are accessible via the Floridata portal or by means of our webservices.

Assurance of data security & GDPR
Naturally, the security of Floridata participants data has the highest priority, and Floridata, with the help of our software suppliers, is taking all possible measures to that end. Within the operating and processing agreements, and Service Level Agreements, advanced techniques in the field of security and monitoring, among other things, are continuously optimized. This minimizes the risk of data leakages, cyber-attacks and malfunctions. Together with its partners, Floridata remains continuously alert to new vulnerabilities.


Down below in the table you can find the yearly costs that are applicable to your organization.

Turnover < € 2.5 M | € 2.5 M – € 5 M. | € 5 M – € 10 M | € 10 M – € 50 M | € 50 M – € 100 M | > € 100 M
Contribution per year € 615,- € 1.296,- € 2.659,- € 4.429,- € 6.134,- € 8.518,-
  • The above prices are in line with the 2024 price level.
  • Amounts are exclusive of VAT.
  • Turnover means: total amount of all sales (domestic- and foreign) in the previous year.

Please note that using the Sustainable Sourcing Scan is optional. If you are a member of the VGB, this service is accessible at no additional cost. Not a member? Then there is a fee of € 2,500 per year. This remits Floridata to the VGB, which owns the tool.


Floridata was founded in 2014, following the dissolution of the Main Agricultural Wholesale Board (HBAG). The need for debtor and market information from this government agency remained. Former manager Bert Buis talks about the start of Floridata in this video .

Reliability of export figures
During the times of the HBAG, there was an obligation to supply export figures from the government and therefore almost 100% of the export figures of Dutch companies in floriculture products were known. Floridata is an initiative in which participants voluntarily share data and has a coverage of about 83%.

Dr Marcel Kornelis, researcher in consumer behaviour at Wageningen University, investigated the reliability of Floridata export figures in 2014. The assumption here was that Floridata's participant group would represent an export value coverage rate of 70%. In his calculation, he also used historical data from the HBAG. The reliability of this proved to be very high. Read more about it in this blog.


The largest share of our participants are flowers- and plants exporters. Also, several growers and packaging suppliers have a membership with Floridata. They also provide data and pay a contribution fee. Curious who are Floridata participants? Then click on the image down below.

March 2022


  • Floridata foundation works with a small operational team.
  • The board of Floridata comes from outside the sector and has no interests in floriculture.
  • In addition, there is a Supervisory Board consisting of four participating traders. They advise the Board (advisory role) and supervise the policy.

Team Floridata with Management Board

Water tower Utrecht August 2022