About Floridata

This is us:

  • Reliable partner
  • Foundation, profit is not our objective
  • Passion for the sector
  • Confidential operation with data
  • Solid range of services
  • Our participants come first
  • Small and flexible team (3,8 FTE)
  • Independent and facilitating roll within the sector

Our Mission:

Together strong by sharing data.

Our Vision:

Gather optimal insights from data from and for all chain parties in the floriculture sector.

Manager Wesley van den Berg;

“When you share your data and pay a contribution fee, you receive insights in return. This is how Floridata operates. A participant gets access to the market- and debtor information, on the condition that they also share their own data and pay a contribution fee. All information is secured and untraceable when presented in our portal and is solely accessible to Floridata participants”.
Currently there are three carefully considered exceptions.
  • The auctions provide export figures to Floridata monthly. This data is processed for generating the export statistics. In return they receive the top 16 export figures, for internal use only. They have no authorization to use this information for commercial purposes. The auctions are not Floridata participants and therefore have no acces to the Floridata portal and services.
    (Interest for participant: improving market information).
  • Bloemenbureau Holland has access to the market information (Exportcijfers pagina en Landenpagina’s ). Costs are applied for this service.
    (Interest for participant: this information helps Bloemenbureau Holland to align promotion funding to the exporting countries more effectively.
  • The VGB publishes in collaboration with Floridata, at least once per semester, a press release or FloraFlits video about the export developments in the floriculture sector. In this coverage some figures and the most important export developments are explained. The figures that are shared here are kept to a minimum. This is to prevent ‘freeriders’ in the sector from profiting of the market insights without them having to share data.
    (Interest for participant: improve exposure/awareness Floridata and VGB)

    Manager Wesley van den Berg: “We carefully consider these kinds of decisions. The interests of our participants always come first. In case you have any questions as a participant regarding this information, we would gladly accommodate them!”


Floridata offers her participants the following three core services:

All insights within these services are made possible by the participants themselves.

What are the costs for participating with Floridata?

Down below in the table you can find the yearly costs that are applicable to your organization.

  • Amounts are exclusive of VAT.
  • Turnover means: total amount of all sales (domestic- and foreign) in the previous year.
Please note: for use of the Sustainable Sourcing Scan service a membership with FSI is mandatory, and with no membership an additional fee of €2.500,- per year is charged and goes to the VGB. Contact us for more information regarding the conditions.

Turnover < € 2.5 MM | € 2.5 MM – € 5 MM | € 5 MM – € 10 MM | € 10 MM – € 50 MM | € 50 MM – € 100 MM | > € 100 MM
Contribution per year € 557 € 1,175 € 2,411 € 4,017 € 5,562 € 7,725


Floridata was founded in 2014 due to the abolition of the Hoofdbedrijfsschap Agrarische Groothandel (HBAG). The need for debtor- and market information remained, that used to be supplied by the government institution (HBAG). Former manager Bert Buis explains more in this video about the start of Floridata.

During the times of the HBAG, companies were obliged to provide their export figures. This resulted in a 100% coverage of the export figures, from all Dutch companies trading in floriculture products. Floridata is an initiative based on voluntary memberships. Dr. Marcel Kornelis, researcher consumer behaviour to the University of Wageningen, researched in 2014 the reliability of the Floridata export figures. In his calculation he used the historical data of the HBAG, and the assumption that the participants group of Floridata would represent an export coverage of 70%. The reliability appeared to be very high. Read more about it in this blog. Currently Floridata has a coverage percentage of approximately 83%.


The largest share of our participants are flowers- and plants exporters. Also, several growers and packaging suppliers have a membership with Floridata. They also provide data and pay a contribution fee. Curious who are Floridata participants? Then click on the image down below.

March 2022


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