About Floridata

Floridata is a non-profit foundation. Floridata is an initiative that was taken from within the sector when the HBAG was discontinued in 2014 to meet the ongoing demand for knowledge about credit information and market figures. However, the services of Floridata have been expanded and digitised extensively.


To be able to provide participants with insights into credit information and market figures, they are required to provide data that consists of information about debtors, payments and invoices. The invoices are provided at line level, and therefore do not provide any information about volumes or product prices.

Data from Floridata can never be traced back to individual participants and will never be shared with other parties without permission. Participants remain anonymous in Floridata’s information. All we say about an organisation is whether it is a participant or not.

Independent management & Supervisory Board

The board of Floridata consists of people from outside the sector. There is also a Supervisory Board that consists of five participating wholesalers. They set priorities for the continued development of products and services and they supervise. Floridata is not affiliated with other organisations.

management board and supervisory board Floridata

Participants of Floridata

November 2021