Credit information

  • Check the payment status of your current and potential customers, among other things, and get credit advice.
  • Get notified about problem debtors and get your delinquents summoned by Floridata on behalf of the collective.
  • Monitor and benchmark the average payment terms of your debtors, based on all payment data in the system.

Credit reports

Participants can obtain information about existing and potential buyers through our portal. The report includes:

  • Payment status
  • The number of active suppliers
  • The number of outstanding invoices
  • Oldest outstanding invoice
  • Remarks about any payment problems

Credit limits

Upon request, Floridata also provides a credit limit in the debtor report. For this purpose, agreements have been made with three major credit insurers: Atradius, Coface and Euler Hermes. With a positive assessment by Floridata, deliveries to a debtor are immediately insured for an amount up to €25,000, based on the credit insurer's self-assessment system. This only applies to participants who have taken out credit insurance directly with one of the three insurers mentioned.

Warning system

Floridata receives digital payment information and alerts about collections and delivery stops every day. All participants involved are warned directly on the basis of this information.

Payment orders to non-payers

On behalf of the Dutch floricultural sector, we order non-payers to pay. We regularly find that the pressure of the collective is effective.

At the request of participants, we send a reminder letter to the debtor to be served at no additional cost.

We distinguish between three successive letters, namely the Standard First Notice, a Follow-up Letter to the First Notice and the Letter Judicial Measures. The letters are available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.

You can send the letter, after selecting the outstanding invoices, through the Floridata portal automatically, or on request by sending an e-mail to with the outstanding items list of the respective debtor.

Average payment terms

On a monthly basis we generate the average payment terms, split into sales channels. Your own insights can be benchmarked with the ones of the branche. Also, you can see the average payment term in days for each one of your own debtors in the screen ‘Debtors’, based on all processed payment data. This provides the means to easily monitor your debtors and to act if necessary. See our instruction video.

Tutorial Video Payment Terms: