Sustainable* Sourcing Scan (SSS)

  • Scan your own purchase data based on the FSI2025 sustainability criteria.
  • Show with the Proof of Purchase’ (PoP) your level of certified purchasing, in line with the FSI Basket of Standards.

The SSS is used on behalf of the Floriculture Sustainable Initiative (FSI)founded in 2013 by the precursors in the floriculture sector.

FSI members are currently setting their sights on at least 90% share of responsibly produced and traded volume by 2025.


The SSS has been a collaboration between the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products (VGB in Dutch), Floricode and Floridata since 2017.

  • The Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products (VGB) holds the intellectual property rights of the SSS and finances updates of the tool.
  • Floricode takes care of the coding and the certificates administration, that determines the output of the SSS.
  • Floridata houses and facilitates the tool in the portal for her participants. Floridata guarantees as ‘Trusted Third Party’ strictly confidential processing of the purchase data. Also, Floridata functions as person of contact and helpdesk of the SSS.

Advantages use of the SSS:

Transparency & chain collaboration - Through demonstrated availability of certified products. Through the ‘Proof of Purchase’ (PoP)download, you can showcase your performance to customers and other stakeholders. This is becoming increasingly important given the political discussions and social awareness regarding more responsible trade. As proof, your PoP complies with the FSI monitoring protocol.

Clear results - Be able to procure more certified products through the insights gained. As a buyer, you can engage with growers and/or partners who do not have the required certificates.

Enhancing sustainability* of floricultural products - Contribute towards making floriculture products more sustainable, by actively working with the results to pursue the 90% target.

Users of the SSS:

Tutorial video SSS 2025

Go to the website of the Sustainable* Sourcing Scan for more information, including the manual and FAQ.